About Us

"Discerning quality, fit and value in college selection"
We understand the current frenzy around college admissions.  Despite the media emphasis on a handful of schools, it's important to remember that most colleges and universities accept more than 70% of the students who apply.  Our focus goes beyond just "getting in" and extends to finding schools that maximize both a student's potential and their ultimate satisfaction.  Based on years of exhaustive research on undergraduate education and personal experience with hundreds of colleges and universities, we bring sanity to the college search and admissions process. 
Heidi Price, Principal and Founder

Heidi draws from over twenty years experience as a family therapist, educator, and parent to help families negotiate the process of college selection.   She earned a Master’s degree in Social Work and completed a two-year post-graduate family therapy training program at the Menninger Foundation. Heidi has been an adjunct professor, practicum instructor of graduate students, and a counselor in a university clinic. She has extensive experience working with students of all abilities, including those identified as gifted, learning disabled, underachieving and ADHD. She brings the same skills that have helped her guide many teenagers and their families through important, stressful decisions and transitions to the college consulting process. Heidi’s professional memberships include the Great Plains Association for College Admissions Counseling and and the American College Counseling Association (ACCA). 

College-Match LLC
Our Philosophy and Commitment

The cost of a college education is one of the most significant investment decisions that families face.  College-Match LLC was founded on the belief that the college selection process should be proactive, educational, and contribute to the development of sound decision-making skills that promote personal growth for students and confidence in their choices.   Heidi keeps abreast of trends in the admissions process in addition to changes and unique features of schools through continual campus visits, meetings, and contact with admission counselors, faculty and administrators from colleges across the country.